Facias, Soffitts and Guttering

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

At The Roofing Company, we specialise in the installation, repairing and maintenance of fascias, soffits and guttering, and offer our professional services to those living in the Northumberland and Tyneside area.

Our fully trained team of roofing specialists have worked in the industry for many years, and are therefore highly experienced in every aspect of the trade. With this, we are able to provide the highest quality service when installing, repairing or maintaining fascias, soffits and guttering on your property.

For many property owners, the important role fascias, soffits and guttering play in the smooth running of a home is often unknown.

The fascias, soffits act as a way of creating a bridged gap between the roof, and the wall of the property, which also supports the guttering.


The fascia is the board that runs parallel to the property. This is attached to the building by the soffit, and the guttering is then attached to the fascia.

During heavy downpours, it can be a difficult job to support the guttering, as gallons of rainwater can pass through the guttering in a matter of minutes. With this, it is essential the fascia and soffit are maintained at a durable condition, ensuring the guttering is supported at all times.

The fascia also joins the wall to the roofing, which also aids in the support of all lower roofing tiles. Joining the wall to the roofline, fascias and soffits prevent birds, and other pests from entering the property, as well as stopping water from penetrating the gap in between the roof and the walls, preventing the chance of damp which could lead to structural damage.


Joined to the fascia, the soffit is positioned underneath, which can be visibly identified when stood directly below the guttering. For ventilation purposes, the soffits have small air slits, which are essential in preventing damages such as damp.

Along with the fascia, the soffit helps to cover the rafter beams, as well as aiding in the support of the roofing structure.

The most important role of soffits is to provide the roofing space with ventilation, as well as preventing water from entering the property which could be highly damaging.

As well as this, the soffit is much better on the eye and covers the wooden rafters which would be visible without it. With this, some households go the extra mile and add a design or pattern to their soffit for aesthetical purposes.


Guttering is designed as a drainage system which is designed to protect the external walls of a property from damage caused by water ingress. The gutter works by directing water away from the property, and into the drains and soakaways which are designed to collect rainfall specifically.

Therefore, faulty guttering and downpipes will prevent drainage of excess water, which will result in a buildup of water that could find its way into the property through the walls and foundations. This could then lead to structural issues and damp, which could be highly costly to repair.

With the understanding of the importance of the fascias, soffits and guttering, it is essential any issue you are experiencing is inspected by a professional team like our roofing specialists at The Roofing Company. This will ensure they are working as they should, and are repaired and maintained at a safe condition, preventing further issues longterm.

If you are experiencing issues with your fascia, soffit or guttering, our specialists at The Roofing Company are ideal for you. Call us today on 07702294401, where we can provide expert advice and any information you may need.


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